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Dr. David Bobyn | Glenvalley Dental Centre | Kelowna, B.C.

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Patient’s chief complaint: “Ever since I had some fillings done in my lower left I get food in-between my teeth and I get a throbbing occasionally”

This was an easy case of replacing two class II resins that were placed by previous dentist. Note the poor contact and thus, the resulting decay (given time). Also note the impacted food between the molar and premolar (#’s 35 & 36).

Both fillings were dismantled and decay excavated and then restored with resin once again. But this time it was performed with precision and accuracy. Patient was shown the problem area using the x-ray as well as photos. As a finale, the patient was shown that with flossing there was now a definite “snap-thru” with floss and, thus, problems in this area is now resolved.

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